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Experience a new concept in bed and breakfast in rural Normandy. Forget the chintz and formal hosts, our bed and breakfast offers contemporary accommodation with a little chic.

With your hosts living separately, you have the freedom and space to chill out, relax and with the advantage of a kitchen you can, if you wish, prepare your own meals or eat out at Normandy's chicest restaurant "Les Bruyčres" which is only 6 minutes away.

This cool bed and breakfast is set in Normandy's countryside with it's picture-perfect views and where, if you desire, have a barbecue in the company of cats, goats and Harry the donkey.


If you do decide to leave this tranquil bed and breakfast you are well placed to visit Normandy's D-Day landing beaches or Mont Saint Michel or bungy jumping at A.J.Hacket's Normandy centre or take an ultralight aircraft trip around the bay of Mont Saint Michel or for 100% adrenaline, parachuting over Mont Saint Michel which is also an Unesco World Heritage site along with Le Havre, the city rebuilt by Auguste Perret.

Who said Normandy is humdrum, come and discover and experience even more in France's coolest region, so now visit the rest of our web site for more info.

Free WiFi access in all
Free WiFi access in all

welcome to Normandy

bienvenue ŕ Normandie

willkommen in der Normandie

benvenuto a Normandia

Bienvenido Normandía

Välkommen till Normandie

welkom in Normandië

merħba lill Normandija

vítejte na Normandii

tere Normandia

tervetuloa normandy


नॉर$डी ' आपका ,वागत 0

herzlich in der Normandie

Normandy के स्वागत के लिए

dobrodošli u Normandiji

benvingut a Normandia


Welkom by Normandië

Üdvözöljük a normandia

velkomin á Normandí

ברוכים הבאים לנורמנדי

LGBT friendly

welcome uz Normandiju

vitajte v Normandii

zapraszamy do Normandii

come and chillout in
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